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.Dear Cornie and Thea -

WOW!!!   What a spectacular trip we had with you.  Words really can't describe how special it was to be guided through Namibia with our own private expert showing us all the different treasures in each place.  Cornie, you were such a knowledgeable ambassador for Namibia, it seemed there was nothing you didn't know about your adopted homeland, including the animals, the people and the history.  It was a real treat to have someone who could see animals way off in the distance, distinguish if they were male or female, know how old they probably were, and  what their most recent meal most likely had been. And you could also answer all our questions about the rest of southern Africa's history, customs and wildlife--especially all my questions about birds and Ian's picking your brain on guns and military history.  It seemed like you knew people everywhere we went, but after spending three weeks with you, Cornie, it was not difficult to see why.  People everywhere enjoyed your friendly, outgoing personality.  And you were happy sharing your knowledge of regions and animals with everyone. 

I know you both did a lot of planning to put together our ambitious three-week trip, and everything was perfect.  We felt like we saw quite a bit of the real, untouched Afric--especially at the Jackalberry Lodge.   And of course, we loved the fun eclectic decor at Roy's Camp.  When we stayed at Mondjila Safari Camp, our first tented camp, my initial worries about the comfort level at these types of accommodations were totally dispelled.  Each unique stop was so interesting, and the locations so beautifully natural and the proprietors so creative.  I even loved having an outside shower at our thatched roof tree house on the Okavango riverfront with the roll-up reed windows and the elephants and hippos for neighbors. 

And the food!!  There was way too much good food, I was feeling like I must have gained 20 lbs.  Thankfully it was only 5 which is all gone now.  And I must say that I dined on the best steak I have ever had at Camp Chobe.  Normally, I don't eat breakfast, but I sure did everyday during our trip and I loved every egg and sausage and bacon along with great grain cereals. 

We loved seeing the wide variety of large and small, young and old, colorful and unique animals you have in Namibia.  The countryside and vegetation was constantly changing, but the people everywhere were friendly and welcoming.  However, Ian and I were totally confident that if any unplanned situation popped up, Cornie, you would have no trouble taking care of us.

And our last night's meal at Joe's Beer House was culmination to a memorable, special, sensational, exciting, exotic adventure.  Thank you Cornie and Thea for making this trip totally worth all the time and effort it took to get to Windhoek. 

Dreaming of Africa -


Tina Morrison
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